It begins

3 Nov

Tomorrow will be remebered as the day stopped.  I am an addict beginning my recovery.  This blog will serve as a record of my road to freedom from an insidious prison that has ensnared me.  I hope very much it will be an aid to my escape and perhaps may just be a help to others who are attempting to do what I am doing.

One Picture Explains It All

17 Jan

In my fight to save western civilisation from pussyfied collapse it is effective to choose my target, and method of attack very carefully.  Yesterday having visited the above’s web site my caution radar began pinging, I was about to let loose on this harpy with all the things that were wrong with her hatred of beauty, and normal masculine desire.  One fact the femifilth can never afford to be cognisant of is that it is the pursuit of beauty, and the force of normal male desire that has built the civilised world we live in, and it is these factors that allow them to be cocooned in the pink fluffy reality they exist in.
 History shows that many a potentially victorious campaign has been nulled, and voided by overextending thereby stretching its supply lines leaving its reserves at an ineffective distance.  It would be very easy to just point out to her the oh so obvious jealousy behind her contempt for beautiful women, and the normal men that find feminine beauty attractive.  One picture of this haredin show’s all the usual giveaways the ugly oversized manjaw, the straight up straight down body shape, the souless hatefilled demonic eyes, the short masculine haircut, and the self loathing dress sense, but this abomination does have influence, and would likely use it to silence a dissenting voice.  As with all lefties/liberals freedom of speech is only permitted if it is sycophantic speech that does not deviate from their tired, and whiny mantra’s, so simply stating the facts to this evil bitch would likely cause her to deploy all her lawyercunt mercenries, and simpering mangina pissants to supress this ugly truth at all costs.
 It will take a tactical move worthy of Alexander the Great against Darius at Gaugamela to negate the numerical superiority of the foe we face, however unlike Alexander we must be prepared to steal our victories if the situation demands it.  So for the moment I will continue sacrificing to the gods, and monitoring the omens until the forces align themselves in my strategic favour  It would be very easy but ultimately ineffective, and quite likely counterproductive to bombard Kate Green MP,s website and let her know we all understand why she had to get Top Totty beer removed from the House of Commons strangers bar, she hates feminine beauty because she is ugly, and loathes normal manly desire because she has never been the object of it.
 So for now my proud warriors I urge restraint, and patience then when our victory is won the taste will be all the sweeter, and the celebratory orgy will make old Alexander’s victory bashes look like the vicar’s tea party.

Yet Another Victory for the P.C. Nazis

17 Jan

(Originally posted on this day last year)

Once again a tiny number of butt ugly dyke’s, consumed with jealousy of female beauty, and hatred of normal masculine desire have shown up the modern establishment for the piss weak, limp organ it has become.  In the House of Commons bar a beer has been on sale, it was introduced under a scheme which allows MP’s to help aspiring businesses in their constituencies by having their product on offer to members of the house, and their guests.  Top Tottie has been on sale in the commons bar for some weeks now, and, as I understand it on the pump (horror of horrors) is a classicly beautiful female model wearing (gasp) a bikini.  Today a lone, ugly indignant feminazi Kate Green (salary, and expenses paid courtesy of you, and me) standing in front of an empty chamber speaking she claimed ” for the whole country” won a hollow victory to a single “hear hear” from a leftwing mangina, and got Top Tottie with its offensive to ordinary wimmin promotional picture removed.
This topic was aired today on the Jeremy Vine show where yet another self appointed expert from the London Femicunt Collective (or some equally vomit enducing named, pointless feminist cabal) spewed all the usual flawed rhetoric, and as usual was completely unable to cogently counter the question ” would we have this level of outrage if the picture was of a man wearing speedo’s”?.  So once again an insignificant, vocifereous, group of envious ugly manhaters opens its hatred (of men, and beautiful women) filled sewer, and the establishment falls back.
This cannot be allowed to continue male desire for female beauty is not yet called a hate crime, but that time is fast approaching.  Finding beauty desirable is not a product of thousands of years patriarchal oppression, it is the natural result of genetic determination.  Looking slender, clear skinned, and vivacious denotes good genetic stock, and signifies a high offspring survivability factor.  A well proportioned waist/hip ratio is medically indicative of potentially successful child bearing, and standards of attractiveness do not suddenly sprout unsewn from fallow ground.
There is a reason the old, the fat, and the ugly score low in the attractiveness stakes, it is because they display the poor genetic characteristics of weakened subsequent generation if seeded, and that is why their images are not used to tempt us into trying new products.  I will be writing to the producers of Top Tottie, and the constituent representive to voice my protest at this hate crime against attractive people, and I urge attractive people everywhere to rejoyce in your collective genetic good fortune, and celebrate it loudly, and proudly in all the places where it will catch in the craw of the green eyed gobshite uglies.

Gig Spoilers

17 Jan

So you are finally there you dragged your protesting body out of bed at the crack of dawn, you have driven/travelled hundreads, or maybe even thousands of miles. Having scrimped, saved, and payed the astronomical ticket price you are grimly determined to enjoy yourself.  After several long hours of queing for entry, and then at the hopelessly understaffed, and criminally overpriced bar you have enough plastic bottles of poor quality beer/cider to sustain you through the next two to three hours.  You wisely hit the toilets during the support act who you dont like/have never heard of anyway navigating successfully back to your seat, or group of mates having qued once again to be fiscally raped for a diseased burger, and chips the excitement is building there is electricity in the atmosphere.  Thirty thousand watts of tops,and mids, fifty thousand of bass, and forty five thousand people buzz in the hum of warm up.  The house lights drop, the stage lights spark, the cheers roar, and at last to a defening hysterical cadence the act that you have been waiting to see since you cant remember when are on stage.
  And then what you have waited so long, and patiently for is ruined by the moronic, and unbelievably selfishGig Spoilers.  What follows is a listing of behaviours for each sex that are guarenteed to spoil the enjoyment of the people who have paid,and suffered for what for many will be a once in a lifetime experience.  Men;Attempting to build human pyramids; More common at outdoor events this is usually the preserve of ugly, smelly, drunken, patch club candidates.  This practice never suceeds in its aim but triumphs at ruining the viewing enjoyment for all the unfortunate in the rows behind, and causing pain and irritation to those immediately around it.  Whistling during the songs; Your shrill, effeminette, monotone, screech drowns out the sound of the voices, and instruments, and even worse dulls the hearing of those around you for the rest of the performance.  Putting your gf/wife on your shoulders;  This is by far the most selfishingly annoying, people have paid and want to see the band not her back.  Women;  Not wearing skimpy, and revealing outfits; No explanation required.  Not taking off your tops when the camera puts you up on the big screen; see previous.  Not throwing your knickers at the stage;  watching you bend over, and remove your underwear is a real bonus.  Not performing oral sex on men you have just met;  It might be me.  Climbing on your bf/husbands shoulders;  hopefully you understand why by now.

Miss World

17 Jan

Gentlemen now abed in England
It has now been twenty five years since the jealous uglies managed to get this pinnacle of womanhood contest banned from our national screens.  Needless to say the spineless, & revoltingly lefty BBC (British Beta Communists) gave in to the dykecunts, and their pissmale supporters without any fight.  The gobshiting first began in the lameass sixties and continued a pace when Bob Hope was pelted with flower bombs. In an attempt to placate the loudmouth mingers the vital statistics were no longer announced, and the bikini parade was returned to the beach.  The all consuming envy of beauty by the fuckugly sewer cunts is a worldwide pandemic; even this morning on breakfast an old, oppinonated manhater was given the floor and spouted all the usual billious cliches such as wimmin should be judged by their brains/should not be judged on their looks/exploitative/demeaning etc etc.  I am so fucking tired of hearing this whiny bs, and I say the time has come for Miss Worlds return to commiebox, this programme was after all almost always the highest rated show of the year, and surely even slimey media liberals would sell their souls for thirty million veiwings.  I am sure we could run a seperate pageant for the femifilth under a different name, might I suggest Queen of the Harpys they therein could have their mutual self appreciation discharges, which I predict would probably not run for more than two annual shows.  So who will stand with me, who will bombard the buttfuck BBC with multiple demands for Miss World, who would choose femmine beauty over feminist back slapping. Once more into the breach dear friends do not hold your manhood cheap your country needs you, and I miss my anual flangefest.

A Lone Voice In The Pussyfied Wilderness

17 Jan

About.This is a blog that seeks to redress the feminisation, and liberalising of society into the sickeningly culturally Marxist cesspit that it has become.  It will attack the subjects that it stands against, and extol the virtues of those that forward the aims of the take-back Crusade that begins here.

So if you are a weak, limp, liberal, beta male, or a manjawed feminist abomination leave this place now.


Girls Aloud to hit the wall

17 Dec

Girls Aloud to hit the wall

The article in the link has many then, and now (ten year) comparison shots but the one I consider reinforces the various Chateau Maxims regarding “The Walls” sparing of no woman is the early jeans, and t-shirt group photo.

 Observe the unforced, not airbrushed, natural, and youthful beauty captured, against the later attempts to retain what ten years has stolen.  It is almost impossible to critique this article without  continually citing nature, and natural as we compare the early shots against the later.

 Notice first in the early (control) shot the youthful distribution of overall body fat, and then work top down.  The hair is thick, and lush without over colouring or extensions, facial skin is clear, and healthy looking while not obscured by the professional slap artist’s obfuscation, and these factors cause a literal out of the frame explosion of fuckable girlish glee.  The bear arms, and shoulders have statuesque slender muscle tone, and demonstrate gravity’s ineffectiveness against natures breast support system in young women.  The definition of the narrow waist’s begins immediately below the rib cages then tapers in then out as the young tight skin is sensually stretched over the wide childbearing hip bones that draw the eye to the firm thighs, and crutch contained within those pussy hugging tight little jeans.

 Although none of the five could be rated higher than an eight, there is not one among these girls captured in their heartbreakingly brief prime that you would not have joyfully fucked the brains out of, but then you grimly realise that those same women today without the beauticians art would struggle to raise even a semi boner.